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November 11, 2007

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


2 Maccabees 7:1-2, 9-14; 2 Thessalonians 2:16-3:5; Luke 20:27-38. In today’s Gospel, the Sadducees approach Jesus with an absurd problem. Jesus resists falling into their debate and seizes the opportunity to teach that the life of resurrection is an entirely new life and is not a continuation of our earthly existence. Jesus uses the moment to assert that in resurrection our faith is rewarded.


Domenica 32A del tempo Ordinario


Per la speranza nella risurrezione, sette fratelli insieme con la loro madre affrontano una morte atroce. La fede nella vita futura si fonda su Dio, bontà, santità giustizia e onnipotenza. La risurrezione di Gesù apre orizzonti nuovi. Il Signore che è fedele, ci ha promesso la vita eterna. Partecipare alla vita divina, vuol dire pensare, amare e godere come Dio stesso.  




From the Pastor's Desk



The following is an excerpt from John Kavanaugh’s “The Engaged Word” about this Sunday’s readings concerning the afterlife and resurrection:


What is the nature of the relationship between the resurrected life and this present one? What is the connection?

Some people (we may call them “supernatural dualists”) seem to think there is a profound discontinuity between this life and the afterlife. We must choose between being happy in this world or in the next. It is hell, one might ironically think, all the way to heaven: misery, unhappiness, and un-fulfillment now, but big rewards later. This life is a pilgrimage, a vale of tears, the test. The next life brings the reversal of roles.

Others (we might call natural humanists) seem to agree that there is a radical difference between earth and heaven. But they say we should choose the earth. We ought to live this life without heavenly crutches or the promise of reward.

There is, however, a third option. What if there is no discontinuity between this life and the afterlife? What if there is just life, some of it eternal, some of it temporal? If that is the case, then the way we live now is the way we will always live. How we live is the promise of our destiny.

In this option, God does not threaten us with hell. We fashion it for ourselves by the choices we make: enclosed, egocentric, untrue, uncaring, unloving, a hellishly mean existence, whether in this life or the next.

Thus, as we live and die, so we become eternally, outside the limits of space and time. There may not be marriage in the afterlife, but there is the fulfillment of what we have been becoming.

All of us, from the moment we begin, are endowed with openness to God. But those of us who live long enough to exercise our freedom actually take part in determining our fate.

Like the seven brothers and mother from Maccabees, we become what we have most loved, most believed, most hoped.


Thank you, Fr. John Kavanaugh, S.J., for your response to this Sunday’s readings. Forgive me for the editing.

Fr. John Itzaina, SDB

Particular Items

Columbus Day Bazaar Photos! We have some photos of the 2007 Bazaar posted here. Feel free to send in any pictures you want to share.

Second Collection: This week’s second collection will be for our Archdiocesan Appeal.

Veterans Day: today is Veterans Day. Let us never forget those who gave so much in our defense, and in the cause of freedom.

Catholic Military Families Support Group: What better way to honor our veterans than to help our troops in the field? Our Support Group is preparing to send Christmas care packages to our people serving in Iraq and in the VA Hospitals. The most efficient way to help is to sponsor a package, and let the support group put them together, otherwise we get too much of one thing & not enough of another. $25 will send a package to Iraq, $22 will provide a care package to a wounded soldier. Please include a card from you or your group. Checks can be made payable to SS. Peter and Paul, and please put “Military Support Group” on the memo line. “This parish and community were absolutely outstanding in helping . . . Thank You!”

Holy Name Society: Today, at 8:45 AM, the HNS will have their annual Memorial Mass for Deceaed Members. The Mass will be followed by a continental breakfast for members in the cafeteria.

Salesians Beatified! On October 29, the Holy Father beatified 498 Spanish martyrs, killed in religious persecutions in the 1930s. Of these, 63 were members of the Salesian Society! Our Rector Major, Fr. Pascula Chavez said: “They remind us that faithfulness to God can require a supreme act of love, to give up one’s life for one’s friend, and assures us that even in this trial God is faithful to those who love him to the end.” And today, November 11, the Venerable Zeffirino Namancurà, whose father was a great leader of the Araucane Indians in Argentina, will be beatified! 100,000 are expected to attend the ceremony, and Salesian Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone will preside. Blessed Zeffirino Namancurà, pray for us!

“Boss of the Sauce” Today, Fieri presents the “Boss of the Sauce” tomato sauce cookoff in the gym, starting at 12:00 noon. Admission is $20 per person, and all proceeds benefit the SF Food Bank, SS. Peter and Paul Church, and FIERI. Be sure to go down to the gym and give your opinion!

Eucharistic Adoration/Holy Hour: Every Wednesday, we have Holy Hour from 7:00-8:00 PM. The parking lot will be open.

Bible Study: And, following Adoration each Wednesday, there will be Bible Study, at 8:00 PM, in the Rectory.

Mille Grazie! The parish St. Vincent de Paul Society with the help of the Salesian School Social Service Learning Committee hosted 60 families from Chinatown and North Beach last Sunday for the annual “Halloween for Families with Young Children.” Pizza, a parade, costumes and make-up guaranteed a festive time for all. Thanks to all parishioners who contributed or volunteered. The next SVdP meeting will be November 29, as the third Thursday meeting is replaced this month by the Society’s Dinner at St. Peter and Paul for the Homeless and Poor on November 22. If you are interested in helping at this event, please email, or call the rectory at 421-0809.

Chinese Young Adult Thanksgiving Baskets: Our Chinese Young Adult Group will be holding their annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive this year. The young people work with the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa’s Sisters), and prepare a box of food and daily supplies for each of 250 poor families, mostly in the Mission District. Donations to help this worthy effort may be mailed to the rectory. Checks can be made payable to “SS Peter and Paul”. with “Thanksgiving Basket” in the notation area.

Dominican Sisters Holiday Boutique: The good sisters invite you to visit their Holiday Boutique on Saturday & Sunday November 17 & 18. It will be held at the Sister’s Motherhouse, at 43326 Mission Blvd., in Fremont. All proceeds benefit the elderly Dominican Sisters. For more information, call 510-657-2468.Salesian Mother’s Club 10th Silent Auction/Bingo Luncheon It’s next Saturday ! form 12:00 to 4:00 PM, and includes lunch, , dessert, wine, coffee & two bingo cards! Tickets are $25, and are still available. We request no children for this event, please. For more information, please call 415-397-3068.

Next Week’s Second Collection: Next week’s second collection will be for the Campaign for Human Development.


Save the Date: December 8! Our Laura Vicuña Pre-Kindergarten is celebrating its 20th Anniversary! For the first time in our history we are turning to members of the school and church community for assistance in reaching our goals. On Saturday, December 8, at 5:00 PM, an Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in the church. It will be followed by a cocktail reception, complete with hors d’oeuvres, prizes, and a silent auction. Tickets are $50 per person, and $75 per couple. Please RSVP by November 27. Child care (by reservation) will be provide. Parishioners will receive a mailing on this event soon.

Blessed Laura Vicuna is Patroness of the Pre-K.

Help the Poor! Blanket Drive:The Saint Vincent de Paul Society requests the donation of blankets and sleeping bags in good condition to help those who are living on the streets in our neighborhood each night. Please leave any blankets or sleeping bags at the Parish Rectory, or if you can’t do that, please contact the Society through the Rectory, and they will have someone pick them up.

Don Bosco DVD! We have copies of the “Saint John Bosco: Mission to Love” DVD on sale in the bookstore now. Other great new DVDs are in as well!

Choose Life! Congratulations to Saints Peter and Paul parishioner and Walk for Life West Coast co-founder Dolores Meehan! Last night she accepted an award on behalf of the Walk for Life from the California Catholic Women’s Forum. The Walk for Life began in 2005 with 7,500 participants; last year there were 20,000 peaceful marchers. Next year’s “Walk for Life” will be on January 19, 2008, preceded as always by all-night Eucharistic Adoration here at SS. Peter and Paul. Congratulations to Dolores, and to all who make the Walk for Life such a successful Ministry!

“Bella” the Movie: Last month, our Archbishop George Niederauer booked an entire theater for a prescreening of the movie “Bella” which has been getting rave reviews in Catholic (and not only Catholic) circles. The development office of the Archdiocese sent out a fax this week encouraging parishioners to support this wonderful & serious movie.

“We are not called to be successful - we are called to be faithful. We are called to be saints.” –Eduardo Verastegui, lead actor, “Bella.”

Speaking of Movies: Any filmmakers out there? The Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Oakland and Ignatius Press, is inaugurating it’s First Annual "Cinema Vita Film Festival." The first Cinema Vita Festival will take place March 7, 2008. Submissions are currently being sought. For submission guidelines and other information about the festival, go to

Halloween was fun!

(Especially for the Sisters!)


RCIA: Religious Education for adults. Are you or someone you know interested in learning more about the Catholic faith? The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) begins Tuesday, September 4, 2007. Meetings are on held Tuesdays, from 7:00 - 8:00 PM, in the parish center. This process is for those adults who are unbaptized, baptized in another Christian faith, baptized in the Catholic faith but have not received First Eucharist or Confirmation, Catholics who are seeking Confirmation, or Catholics who just want to update their faith. Please contact Janet Ross at 415-771-9130 or 415.955.3263 or for more information.

CCD: Religious Education for children. Registration for Religious Education classes will be in the school cafeteria after the 8:45 AM & 10:15 AM Sunday Masses from Sunday August 19 through Sunday September 9.

Saints Peter and Paul Telephone Prayer Circle: What is the most important Spiritual Act of Mercy? Praying for those in need! Join the SS. Peter and Paul telephone prayer circle. Please call Gibbons at 415-421-0809, for more information.

Contemporary Choir: The Sunday 5:00 PM mass will feature contemporary music led by our Contemporary Choir and instrumentalists. We need more voices! If you enjoy singing contemporary music come join us. Call Charles at 415-421-0809. We rehearse before the 5:00 PM mass.

World Youth Day 2008! It's coming up! The next WYD will be in Sidney, Australia, From July 15-20, 2008.

For more information, click on the logo at left.

Fr. Malloy: He will still be preaching online. He has a new blogspot "A Shepherd's Voice..." at

Revitalize your Marriage! The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend will be April 18-20. For more information call Paul or Yvonne at 650-366-7093 or go to “I place much of my hope for the future in Marriage Encounter.” –Pope John Paul II.

More Choose Life! (Adult Stem-Cell update): The latest, from the September 21 San Francisco Chronicle: “Children with sickle cell disease were cured following umbilical cord blood transplants from their siblings, according to findings reported Thursday in Washington, D.C., by doctors from Children's Hospital Oakland. Of 43 youths across the country who received transplants from compatible siblings, 90 percent were cured, said blood specialist Dr. Bertram Lubin, senior vice president of research at Children’s Hospital.” Remind us again why California voters shelled out $3billion+ for immoral, embryo destroying stem-cell research, while cord-blood and adult stem cells are curing people right and left?

Attn Moms: Bank your umbilical cord blood in case of future need! Umbilical cord-blood is one of the greatest sources for morally acceptable stem-cells, and has been used successfully already. 'I banked my baby’s cord blood because I couldn't let the opportunity pass,’ explained Megan Burrell Jensen of Duarte in a Cord Blood Registry newsletter. ‘I work for a cancer center where cord blood transplants save lives. It really is a miracle.’” -California Catholic Daily (5/29/2007) It’s not really a miracle—it’s just good science! You can reach the Cord Blood Registry at 888-932-6568, or by going to


Walk for Life 2008

We thank all parishioners and visitors who helped make the 2007 “Walk for Life” such a huge success. 20,000 people marched! We hosted guests from St. Patrick’s Parish in Sonora, from Humboldt County, from Mercer Island Washington, and 190 great young people from St. Thomas Aquinas College in the southland. All-night Adoration on Friday, January 19 was very well attended, and there was a party for 150 young adults in the parish center following the march. All facilities used were left in great shape. St. John Bosco and Mary help of Christians, help us to build the culture of life! For great pictures go to our pro-life page, here.

For information about the 2008 Walk for Life, click on the icon at left.

Attn: Salesian Graduates! We are looking for past pupils from Salesian Schools in the hope that we can expand our database. If you graduated from Saints Peter and Paul School, Corpus Christi School or Corralitos School, please e-mail your name, address, and telephone number to Look at the website and catch up with the Salesian Sisters. ( You are also welcome to contact us by telephone at (210) 431-4999.

Our Chinese Mass: As we all know, our Chinese Apostolate has a special Mass every Sunday at 10:15 AM. What everybody does not know is that the Mass is bilingual! Some of the readings are in English, as is the whole Eucharistic prayer. The homily is in both English and Chinese. It is a very beautiful Mass, with wonderful music, and non-Chinese speakers are welcome and invited!

Latin Mass: On every first Sunday of the month at 11:45 the Mass will be celebrated in Latin, with Gregorian Chant. For an English/Latin Mass guide, click here. Tell your friends!

Neat Links:

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Don Bosco DVD! We have copies of the “Saint John Bosco: Mission to Love” DVD on sale in the bookstore now. Other great new DVDs are in as well!

Archived Bulletins: For past bulletins, click here.

Travelling? Find a Mass anywhere in the world. Visit Masstimes.

Magnificent Photos of Saints Peter and Paul: Gerald, over at “The Cafeteria is Closed” website, has posted a magnificent photo essay of our church. He shows the church in ways even the oldest parishioner will not have seen. Click here to check them out.

Saint of the Day: Whose Feastday is it today? To find out, click here.

Compendium of the Catchism: The Vatican has a great new online resource. It is the "Compendium of the Catchism of the Catholic Church." You can check it out here.


Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction? You are NOT alone and the Church has not abandoned you! Visit the COURAGE website. "COURAGE" is an apostolate of the Church that ministers to those struggling against this particular temptation. They have been endorsed by the Pontifical Council for the Family and our beloved John Paul II said of this ministry, "COURAGE is doing the work of God!"

Struggling with Pornography Addiction? You also are not alone! Pornographic websites are by far the largest segment of the web.

A new Catholic apostolate, the Serenellians (, is trying to help those caught in the grips of pornography addiction. The Serenellians get their name from Alessandro Serenelli, who killed St. Maria Goretti in a fit of lust and later repented.

“If a man so seemingly wicked, decadent and corrupt as Alessandro Serenelli can receive the fullness of conversion and salvation from Almighty God, then so can each and every like soul caught up in the snares of this insidious evil.”

You can visit their website by clicking on the logo to the left, and there is a good story about them on California Catholic Daily.

Catholic Search Engine: There is a nice new Catholic search engine out there in cyberspace. It is It has a built in Google search engine, links to top news stories, links to Catholic news agencies, plus lots of liturgical info updated daily. Check it out!


Catholics for the Common Good:

One of our most effective pro-life & social justice groups is Catholics for the Common Good. To learn more, click on the logo at right.

Volunteers Needed! Despite remarkable progress in the fight against cancer, many patient’s greatest challenge is a lack of transportation. The American Cancer Society is seeking volunteer drivers to take patients to and from their cancer treatments. Please call and help save a life: 1-800-227-2345.


Saints Peter and Paul School Scholarship Fund: Many of you will remember the time when there were many religious vocations and a Catholic education was extraordinarily inexpensive. But all that has changed. Our school charges a tuition of $5,400—less than our neighboring Catholic Schools, and half of what a public school spends to educate a child. With San Francisco’s cost of living, lack of funds may prevent children from receiving a Catholic Education. The Salesians began by educating the children of the poor, and we are not about to exclude those who cannot make the total fee. But, like Don Bosco before us, we need help. Are there parishioners and/or friends who might consider contributing to the sponsorship of a student who might be otherwise forced to leave? All recipient family qualifications will be verified by Saints Peter and Paul School. For more information,you can download a flyer here, or feel free to call Fr. Itzaina at 421-0809.

Help the Elderly! Some of our wonderful older parishioners are now in convalescent hospitals. They would love to have visitors! If you would like to be a part of this important and rewarding ministry, or if you know of a person who might like a visit, please call Gibbons at 421-0809, or email to

Weekly Donation Envelopes: If you’d like a set of weekly donation envelopes, either come by the parish office or call 415-421-0809, and ask to speak to the secretary, and we will send them to you.

Holy Name Society: The Holy Name Society is a worldwide organization of Catholic men that was founded more than 700 years ago. Devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus, a monthly Society Mass and various good works are the HNS mission. For more information about the HNS, please email to

   Prayer for our Men and Women In Military Service

O Prince of Peace, we humbly ask Your protection for all our men and women in military service. Give them unflinching courage to defend with honor, dignity and devotion the rights of all who are imperiled by injustice and evil. Guard our churches, our homes, our schools, our hospitals, our factories, our buildings and all those within from harm and peril. Protect our land and its peoples from enemies within and without. Grant an early peace with victory founded upon justice. Instill in the hearts and minds of men and women everywhere a firm purpose to live forever in peace and good will toward all. Amen.

Please pray for:

Jean Berres, Sr. Paula Wong, Suzanne, Aibee Mae Cua, Lawrence Render, Elicia Alla Scully, Domenico Federico, Agnes, W. Woo, Don Baylor, Henrietta Heir, Linda Dow, Kathy, Ron Tamm, Cindy Ford, Rodney Corsiglia, Phyllis Libatique, Dan, Diana Pacini, Yvonne, Jason Pimental, Eva Pepin, Annette Ward, Catherine De Luca, Gene, Pina, Ali Mae, Bill Henderson, Brigid Reginato, Mark Carico, Tina, Diane, Jean A. Massey, Peter P. English, Robert Elliot, George Wassmer, Totoy Aquino, Emily Lee, Carlos Galarrita, Jo Fernan, Al Moresi, Bun Lee, Eleanor Dito, Lacey Sikora, Gina Crotti, Enrico, Betsy Goodwill, Kay Gibleski, Archie Lotto & Mina Elie, Rena Carniglia, Frances Marie Padilla, Kay, Alice Devine, Ray & Tina Bianchini, Victor Lampe, Pat Luddington, Virginia Dunwell, Jean Patanè, Renato Groppi, Dee Massa, Chris Denny, Jerry Bini, Jr., Francis Mahoney, Esther Castagnola, Valeria Brown, Beverly Kies, Robert & Judy Seefeldt, Martin Lamkin, Aloma Dawson, Richard Jew, Special Intention, For our people in the Armed Forces, Irene Enriquez, Teresita Uy, Marilyn Marano, Frances Peters, Nancy Baccei, Anne & Walter, Ron & Jeanie, Michael Lydon, Necy Ago, Dr. Lorraine Sibley, Keiran Murphy, Scott Bartlett, Gerrie Davis, Janet Johnston, Jason Holmes, Bill Sckzraybalo, Pastor Phil Busbee & Family, Fred Hankinson, Jim Hutelmyer, Peter, Connie Heinze, Christopher Snook, Mike Sosa, Pam Benitez, Loretta Tribulato, Rolando Rodriguez, Jiovanni, Edna Tavares, Frances Traverso, Pat May, Jesse Martinez, Susanna, Rachel, Bob, Monchie Mariano, Rose Cresci, Nick Nessix, Gilberto Potoy, Rachel Pozivenec, All the homeless & mentally ill of the neighborhood, & all parishioners in hospitals & nursing homes.

To have an intention included, please call 421-0809.


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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time



Josaphat; Bishop, Martyr



Luigi Versiglia & Callisto Carravario; Salesians, Martyrs



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Bl. Magdalena Morano, FMA: Salesian Sister



Margaret of Scotland; Gertrude



Elizabeth of Hungary; Religious



33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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