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Pictures from our April 2004, "Defense of Marriage" rally.

 While we are very happy with the victory of Proposition 8, we are well aware that those who seek to subvert natural marriage will try again.

It is therefore imperative for us to keep the most important point clear:

this is not about same-sex "marriage."

This is about marriage, period.

Proposition 8, for instance, not only prevented same-sex relationships from being recognized as marriage. It also prevented polygamous or polyandrous arrangements from being recognized as marriage.


Here's our good Archbishop George Niederauer defending marriage:


And Please click here for full the statement of our Archbishop
on the recent 4-3 ruling by the Supreme Court of California which decided
that marriage can mean a man "marrying" another man.

For more videos of our Catholic Bishops defending marriage, go here:

For Fr. Malloy's "Open Forum" article on Same Sex "Marriage" in the
"San Francisco Chronicle"
click here

The Church is united and clear: Marriage is ONLY between one man and one woman:

Bishop Wenski Defends Marriage: “The imposition by judicial fiat of same-sex marriage on the citizens of California has reminded us that society’s culture wars are far from over...In the culture wars, the two sides are fighting about the understanding of man and his relationship to truth and reality. One side – and today “gay marriage” is its poster child – holds that anyone can essentially create his or her own reality. This side holds for a radical autonomy by which truth is determined not by the nature of things, but by one’s own individual will. The other side holds men and women are not self-creators but creatures. Truth is not constructed, but received and thus must reflect the reality of things. Or, as the Book of Genesis says: ‘Male and female, He (God) created them.’” (Gn 1:27). –Bishop Thomas Wenski, Diocese of Orlando, Florida

And, since this decision will effect every state in the union, click here for the statement of Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre, New York.

Bishop Vigneron Defends Marriage: “Marriage is a reality authored by God in his very act of creating the human race. According to his irrevocable plan, the marriage relationship is only possible between one man and one woman. The purposes of this relationship are (1) the mutual loving support of husband and wife and (2) their loving service of life by bringing children into the world and raising them to be virtuous and productive. The experience of history – both ancient and in our own time – has taught us that no government has the power to change the order which God has inscribed in our nature . . In regard to the short term: As faithful citizens Catholics are called to bring our laws regarding marriage into conformity with what we know about the nature of marriage. In the long term: If such efforts fail, our way of life will become counter-cultural, always a difficult situation for Christians -- one our forebears faced in many ages past, one that the Lord himself predicted for us.” –Bishop Allen Vigneron, Diocese of Oakland, May 16, 2008.For the full text, click here.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Defends Marriage:

"The Nature of Marriage
and its Inalienable Characteristics"

"The Church's teaching on marriage and on the complementarity of the sexes reiterates a truth that is evident to right reason and recognized as such by all the major cultures of the world. Marriage is not just any relationship between human beings. It was established by the Creator with its own nature, essential properties and purpose. No ideology can erase from the human spirit the certainty that marriage exists solely between a man and a woman, who by mutual personal gift, proper and exclusive to themselves, tend toward the communion of their persons. In this way, they mutually perfect each other, in order to cooperate with God in the procreation and upbringing of new human lives."

For the full text of the Vatican's statement on "Same Sex Unions" click here.


The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Defends Marriage:

"The Debate about "Same-Sex Marriage"

"Marriage is a basic human and social institution. Though it is regulated by civil laws and church laws, it did not originate either from the church or the state, but from God. Therefore, neither church nor state can alter the basic meaning and structure of marriage."

For the full text of the Bishops letter on "Same Sex Marriage" click here

Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction? You are NOT alone and the Church has not abandoned you! Visit the COURAGE website. "COURAGE" is an apostolate of the Church that ministers to those struggling against this particular temptation. They have been endorsed by the Pontifical Council for the Family and our beloved John Paul II said of this ministry, "COURAGE is doing the work of God!"

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