Saints Peter and Paul Church
"Becoming Towers of Strength" Progress Report & Slideshow
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  Forell Elsesser
Structural Engineers

Although this project was voluntary on our part, inaction was not an option. The project is a matter of safety, and of proper responsibility towards our students, our parishioners, and those who visit, or just walk in front of our lovely church.

Please watch the slideshow below.


Cahill Construction
General Contractor

  Giampolini Courtney
Masonry Restoration
and Painting

Campaign Committee

Fr. John Itzaina, SDB

  Mr. Alan Smith
  Dr. Eileen Aicardi  
  Mrs. Angela Canepa  
  Mr. Donald Casper  
  Mr. Gibbons Cooney  
  Mr. Russ Gumina  

Mr. Paul Ko


Mr. Kelly Kong

  Mrs. Anna Lee  
  Ms. Jackie Perry  
  Mrs. Janet Ross  
  Mr. Ramon San Gabriel  

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Campaign Newsletter #1