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The parable about the wise man (sic) who built his house on rock segues into a report on the retrofitting of the towers and renovation of the skin of the towers. I can report that Father Pipierni did, indeed, build the church on rock and built it soundly, according to the highest standards in 1912. Need I remind you that the Titanic built to the highest standards of shipbuilding sailed for the first and last time in 1912? An upgrade of the twin towers to current earthquake standards was necessary. The retrofitting, much like that done at the Shrine of St. Francis, is being done by a local firm, Cahill Construction, by reinforcing the three parts of the towers with steel, shotcrete, rebar, and wrapping of the columns on the second and third sections of the towers with carbon/fiberglass.

With Cahill Construction taking care of the towers from the inside, Giampolini/Courtney is refurbishing the outside of the towers, reconditioning the crumbling and cracking masonry and peeling paint. The scaffolding, which to more than 200 feet above the ground, makes it possible for construction to go on without going inside through the school area.

There have been two discoveries that have augmented both cost and maybe time of completion. The steel columns that connect with church/school steel supports need to be structurally strengthened by a series of sheer plates (I’m using my own language here). Although the cost of the reconditioning of the skin of the tower is less, there is serious corrosion in connective and supportive steel of the Cross in the East Tower. The engineers think they have a solution.

We begin these days with a Capital Campaign to pay for this necessary construction. Our goal will be $2.5 million dollars. For the time being, we have made a bridge loan to finance this important project for Saints Peter and Paul. The parish needs both your prayers and your financial support.

–Fr. John Itzaina, SDB


Although this project was voluntary on our part, inaction was not an option. The project is a matter of safety, and of proper responsibility towards our students, our parishioners, and those who visit, or just walk in front of our lovely church.

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Cahill Construction
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  Giampolini Courtney
Masonry Restoration
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Fr. John Itzaina, SDB

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