January 2, 2022: The Epiphany of the Lord


Isaiah 60:1-6; Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6; Matthew 2:1-12. Today’s first reading is a prophecy about the radiance of the Lord’s light shining on all nations. The second reading speaks of the Gentiles as co-heirs, along with the Jews, to the promises of Jesus. The Gospel tells of the visit of the Magi to the child Jesus, and how they were led by a star, fulfilling ancient prophesies.


Epifania Del Signore

Qesta solennità celebra la manifestazione di Gesù, salvezza per gli uomini di tutti i popoli. Apriamo i nostri animi a Lui per ritrovare la gioia. Mettiamoci in cammino con la certezza che Gesù, luce del mondo, si lascia trovare e adorare, ci accoglie e ci salva.




住在耶路撒冷的人也看到那顆奇異的星,也看到新生的嬰孩耶穌,但他們覺得沒有什麼希奇 , 沒有什麼特別,可是三賢士多方尋覓,憑信德找到祂。今天,耶穌離我們很近,祂隱藏在麵餅和酒之內,但我們很容易忘記祂離我們多麼近,因為祂願意在尋常中顯示祂自己。我們不要因為耶穌不按我自己的方式顯現而失望 。

我相信,在我們心中,也常常有一顆異星,天主明顯地感召我們,叫我們慷慨地做某一件事 , 放棄某些事物,過某種生活。我們必需像三賢士那樣留神和相信,因為天主也在每天平常的生活中展示祂自己,願我們留心去發掘內心的神光,好能在喜樂中、痛苦中、或每天枯燥乏味的生活中看到祂和祂的母親,得到祂的指引,和祂親近。

我們也要跪下來,向祂獻上內心真誠的崇拜, 誠心的信賴和永遠不死的堅貞之愛。


From the Pastor’s Desk:

Before closing the books of the 2021 festivities, the people of Bavaria, Poland among others, have one more tradition to celebrate. The entire family assembles in front of the house, the father of the family with fresh chalk completes the numbers of the new year – 2022- then touches up the letters in between: C M B. These letters are significant. With these letters the family prays that CHRIST may BLESS this HOUSE. At the same time the family is reminded once again who were the famous visitors who brought wonderful gifts to Jesus on the day of the Epiphany: CASPAR, MELCHIOR, BALTASAR.

Happy Feast of the Epiphany 2022!


The Announcement of Easter
and the Moveable Feasts

On the Epiphany of the Lord, after the singing of the Gospel, a Deacon or cantor, in keeping with an ancient practice of Holy Church, announces from the ambo the moveable feasts of the current year according to the following text. (The musical notation is found in Appendix I of the Roman Missal, Third Edition.)

Know, dear brethren (brothers and sisters), that, as we have rejoiced at the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, so by leave of God’s mercy we announce to you also the joy of his Resurrection, who is our Savior.

On the second day of March will fall Ash Wednesday,
and the beginning of the fast of the most sacred Lenten season.

On the seventeenth day of April you will celebrate with joy Easter Day,
the Paschal feast of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On the twenty-ninth day of May will be the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On the fifth day of June, the feast of Pentecost.

On the nineteenth day of June, the feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.

On the twenty-seventh day of November, the First Sunday of the Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom is honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.


–Fr. Al Mengon, SDB
Parochial Vicar


Mass Intentions For The Week

Sunday                 January 2, 2022
8:45        Louis Baccetti + – Edmond Serchia +
10:15     The Soul of Lau Shui Chu +
12:00     Loriano & Anita Belluomini +
5:00        Anniversary of the Death of Ernesto Marenzi + 

Monday                               January 3, 2022
7:00        Frances DeMartini +
9:00        Vicenzo & Mariannina Torrano & Family + – David Cosenza + 

Tuesday                               January 4, 2021
7:00        Nicola Sanguinetti +
9:00        Queena Maggiora & Fernanda Matteucci + 

Wednesday                       January 5, 2022
7:00        Henry Ravetto +
9:00        Charles Giovannini +

Thursday                             January 6, 2022
7:00        Andrea Genoveffa +
9:00        Giuseppe & Angela Balistreri & Family and Francesco Balistreri + 

Friday                                   January 7, 2022
7:00        Max Hodel +
9:00        Wedding Anniversary of Alberto & Eva Sia Lu – Healing Lisa Hamrick 

Saturday                              January 8, 2022
7:30        Virginia Sanguinetti +
9:00        Joseph Maggiora & the Maggiora Family  +
5:00        Steve & Lena Cuneo +


For each intention mentioned in the group below, individual Masses will be said in our Parishes, Schools or Missions.
In Honor of the Infant of Prague


Dustin Marzalek & Jessica Mendence 



Mirella Columbana – Charles Giovannini – Max Hodel
Antonio Imperiale –Joan Catelli




Particular Items

Pre-K Tours: The Laura Vicuña Pre-K  (ages 3-5 years) has cancelled its January 9 Open House, due to the Omicron variant, indivdual tours are available. Please contact the director, Barbara Simons (bsimons@sspeterpaulsf.org) to schedule an individual tour.

Chinese ZOOM Rosary: 

玫瑰經 Rosary Zoom meeting
1/2/2022 星期日 Sunday 上午11:30 AM

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Meeting ID: 816 7791 6960
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Holy Name Society: The HNS will have their monthly Mass on January 9 at 8:45. followed by a meeting in the multi-purpose room. All interested Catholics are invited!

Salesian Saints! January is the month when we celebrate the feasts of a number of our Salesian saints. On January 22 we celebrate the feast of Blessed Laura Vicuña. On January 24, we celebrate St. Francis de Sales. And on January 31 we celebrate the feast of St. John Bosco. All of our Salesian saints, pray for us!

Opportunities for Participation in Pope Francis’s Synod Coming in the New Year! Pope Francis invites the whole Church to participate in the preparatory process for the upcoming Synod of Bishops on Synodality. This opportunity will facilitate discussion and reflection to help shape the Church’s understanding of herself and her mission of evangelization and forming disciples. The Archdiocese of San Francisco will kick-off the local synodal process in January by asking every Catholic to participate in the Disciple Maker Index survey. The process will continue in February and March with engagement sessions offered throughout the Archdiocese. The Disciple Maker Index survey is a nationally recognized survey administered at parishes around the United States and Canada since. The results provide baseline feedback from which content for engagement sessions will be developed. More details will be available through the Archdiocesan website beginning in January. http://www.sfarch.org/synod.

Church Flowers: Would you like to sponsor a weekend of fresh flowers for your Church? Help beautify the Church, and your intention will be included in the bulletin. Call 415-421-0809.

 Saints Peter and Paul Salesian School Accepting Applications: Our K-8 Salesian school is accepting applications for this year and next. Please email Dr. Lisa Harris at lharris@sspeterpaulsf.org, and visit sspeterpaulsf.org/ to learn more.

Choose Life! Walk for Life West Coast 2022: Join fellow Catholics and Pro‐Lifers from all over California and beyond as we stand up for the littlest among us at the 18th Annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco on January 22, 2022. The day begins with the Walk for Life Mass at 9:30AM at St. Mary’s Cathedral celebrated by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. Saints Peter and Paul will host all-night Eucharistic Adoration for Life the night before the Walk. If you’d like to schedule an hour (or more) to be with Our Lord during the night, call Gibbons at the parish office. For more, visit walkforlifewc.com or call 415‐658‐1793 and check out the video!


Parish Wish List! We have converted the old gym office to multi-purpose use. We purchased office tables from parish funds, but would hope a donor could help cover the cost. Let Fr. Tho know if you’d like to help!

Liturgical Calendar
Sunday                 02           The Epiphany of the Lord
Monday               03           Christmas Weekday, The Holy Name of Jesus
Tuesday               04           Elizabeth Ann Seton; Religious
Wednesday        05           John Neumann; Bishop
Thursday             06           Christmas Weekday, Andre Bessette
Friday                    07           Christmas Weekday, Raymond of Peñafort
Saturday              08           Christmas Weekday
Sunday                 09           The Baptism of the Lord

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